Troy Dillinger is a musician, comedian, actor and television host, writer/producer/director from Austin, Texas. He is best known for his work as a singer-songwriter in the US and Europe, for founding Save Austin Music, creating [austin swim] and Adult Swim Presents, and creating, producing, writing, and hosting Austin Variety Show. In his spare time, he's also been a community activist, graphic & web designer, and owner of an advertising & marketing agency based in Austin. 

His teenage years found him on local nightclub stages when he was barely old enough to drive himself to his gigs. After 20 years on the road, he found himself playing small roles in major motion pictures and larger roles in smaller productions, and shortly thereafter an award-winning producer-director-writer. He inadvertently created the experiential marketing division of cable television's most popular network and a few years later, the host of his own broadcast television show. And with great joy, he continued the pursuit of his childhood dream as a standup comic in some of the greatest comedy clubs in the world. 

In 2017, Troy moved part time to Los Angeles to pursue standup comedy, hosting and acting work, as well as production-directing-writing opportunities. It's hard to say what his future holds, but it guarantees to be fun... 

2012 Feature in The Austin Chronicle

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