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December 2016

Please join me every Monday in December at The Townsend on Congress from 8-10pm! I'm excited about living part time in Los Angeles beginning January and I'm always looking for an excuse to throw a party, so this feels like a great sendoff before I go. I'll be joined by my longtime musical BFFs FV McNabb, Jeff Botta, and Hector Muñoz - as well as some special guests from my 30+ years as an Austin musician... click here for the Facebook Event


Troy Dillinger at The Townsend

July 2016

Honestly with Troy Dillinger!
A video podcast with a positive message for these crazy times...

If you're tired of all the insanity being presented in the traditional media, I'm talking to interesting people about ideas that are positive, constructive, and making the world a better place.
It's in the iTunes Store, please subscribe to it!


July 2016

WFTut Podcast! Do It!
Bob Schneider & me, reunited at last...

It's in the iTunes Store, please subscribe to it!
We say the best stuff about the most important things in the only world that matters, until we're done.

WFTut Podcast

December 2015

WHERE'S ALL MY MUSIC? It'll be in your hands (with a little help)...
I'm releasing my entire music catalog - 30 years worth!
Help me do it by clicking here and pre-ordering now - and the first song is FREE!

June 2015

Please tell someone about what I'm doing;
Please get involved;
Email me at:

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February 2013

July 2009:
The Miami Vice guy made a movie about John Dillinger starring Johnny Depp. Looks like fun. Click here for more info on Public Enemies

Am I related to John Dillinger? I can't get a straight answer...
john and troy dillinger

June 2009:
Here's the 1993 reunion of BAND FROM HELL on Dave Prewitt's CapZeyeZ
Click here to watch

June 2009:
Here's a 1996 television appearance on CapZeyeZ by my band Del Dragons
Click here to watch

September, 2008:
heathens <<<Ol' "Prop Teeth" Dillinger dazzles audiences
An old acting job comes back to haunt me...
Then i discover the joy of killing in flashback sequence form...

August, 2008:
It just keeps getting cooler. The Onion did a feature on me too... Click here to read it
July 17, 2008: Me & The Mayor on the cover of the Austin Chronicle
Contrary to rumors, we are not starting a band. We might try to SaveAustinMusic though...
chron cover

read the story here

July, 2008: [austin swim] IS BACK! - Sundays @8pm
The world's only Adult Swim viewing party with music, comedy, other entertainment and a GIANT SCREEN!
...oh yeah, and there's a swimming pool...
The Tiniest Bar In Texas (5th & Lamar, behind Whole Foods)

April 10, 2008: FREE SHOW - 10:30 to MIDNIGHT
*Please come see us play at GRUV (5th & Congress)

Happy 2008: The Year Of Austin Music!
I need YOUR HELP saving Austin's music scene!

The Year Of Austin Music Banner

December 2007:
-- Come see me and the band at Momo's 12-21-07
-- Vote Dino Lee Back On MTV!

October 2007:
-- I'm back playing bass with Dino Lee after 20 years!

June 2007:
-- [austin swim] RETURNS! (but you need to live at the Metropolis Apartments...)

February 2007:
-- It's my birthday. Come celebrate at Flipnotics, Sat. Feb. 24th w. me & Jesse Sublett!